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Sh. Hazarilal Ojha

Salient Features
  • Drills fertilizer and seeds together but delivers them separately in a single drive.
  • Seeds and Fertilizers are drilled at different depths thus improves germination
  • Soil covers the fertilizer and then the seed is implanted.
  • Soil also covers the seed finally
  • Separate containers for seed and fertilizer
  • Screw type conveyor system is developed to dispense the seeds and fertilizer
  • Seeds to be sown and fertilizer quantity can be adjusted according to the requirement in a definite area
  • Arm wheel for rotating the conveyor
  • The depth of the of the fertilizer and gap between seed and fertilizer can be adjusted
  • It not only saves seeds and fertilizer but also supports optimum growth of saplings
Brief Description

    A trench digger is a device that can be attached to a modified 45 HP tractor or aboveand can dig in one hour, a trench 65 meters long, six feet deep and up to twelve inches
    wide with a fuel consumption of 2.5 litres of diesel per hour. Because of growing
    economy of India & Globalization there is rapid growth of infrastructure projects and
    communication sector. It requires under grounding of the cables, wires etc. of
    telephone and electricity etc, for which a trench cutting is essential, so that, such
    cables, wires can be made underground properly and timely.


Patent is under process

Current status

The Technology is already launched in state of Rajasthan and is available for other states and abroad.

Special Achievement

Awarded by the National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad


Rs. 28,000/-

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